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The First Ever Commercial Release of All Original PC MIDI Music

Fugett Sound : the music and of Bob Fugett


 Sugar Loaf, NY 10981


Updated Jul 20, 2018 | By Bob Fugett

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Factory Preset
The First Ever Commercial Release of All Original PC MIDI Music


The 2004 CD re-release of the 1987 first ever commercially released album of all electronic, all original music produced using a PC based MIDI sequencer—the pioneering album that ushered in a musical revolution.

CD - $30.24

FREE upgrade from cassette tape offer

1) Tape > CD: To original purchasers of Bob Fugett's Factory Preset cassette tape, a free upgrade is provided to the CD version.

2) Tape > Tape: Also, while supplies last, a replacement cassette will be given to those people whose tapes are well worn from listening but who wish to continue listening to the tape format.

Use the QUERY FORM and mention these offers to request your copies, and thank you for enjoying the music.

If you visit the studio, also enjoy Mary's paintings while being sure to mention this offer, because we post this stuff online and totally forget about it, so a few days ago, somebody paid for a CD when they actually qualified for the free upgrade.

Read What They're Saying for the roots of this offer. [see also: Forum]


Now FREE online, Bob's book (the little music classic with the big cult following):

A proven strategy for acheiving excellence in musical performance    Impulse and Strength: playing musical instruments toward perfection

Between the mind and hand....is a place difficult to grasp.
This book is about that place.

eBook Stanza Catalog Format at:

Browser version at:
eBook Home Brew

     Also Impulse and Strength print version now available direct
        ISBN-13: 978-0-9827073-0-2  (9780982707302)   
0-9827073-0-4  (0982707304)

While the order forms are being completed, The first five (5) copies will be shipped FREE to the first five (5) people who request using the Contact Form (Closed as of 07/20/18).

Just ask and you will receive: one per person.

Remaining free copies: 0

A proven strategy for acheiving excellence in musical performance



copyright © 1987 Bob Fugett


Right Click/Save Target as... (MP3 audio files; < 5.6 MB each)
01 Mirage (3:48)
02 Factory Preset
03 Lullaby at Dawn
04 Palm Tree Sunday
05 Down Hill Crossing
06 March of the Wooden Robots
07 Mark's Progress
08 Snooze Alarm
09 Prime Time
10 Thick with Night (3:31)
11 Virgie
12 Traffic Jammin'
13 Quiet Please
14 Kids
15 Back Street Search
16 Wedding for Tomorrow
17 Sand Devil

MP3 - FullAlbum.zip < 85 MB

* NOTE:  All Mp3 files are my fully owned copyrighted works; but, in most cases I'm not likely to track you down if you grab them.

Be nice and don't sell them yourself or pass them around as your own.

In November of 2006 Mary and I were with a young friend in a book store, and we thought they would enjoy going to the music department, because we almost never saw them without their ear-bud music playing.

However, when we got to the music department they seemed to be distinctly underwhelmed—picking up a CD player and saying, "Wow! I didn't know they even made these things anymore."

By December of the same year a somewhat older person was in the Endico Watercolor Studio.

Mary told them about our younger friend and the apparent demise of CD's.

The person looked down lovingly at their newly purchased Factory Preset CD and said, "Well, some of us still like to own something!"

However, there is a proven group of people who will never get to hear Factory Preset on CD and certainly never get to enjoy the original cassette tape version, but they still deserve a chance to hear it, so the Mp3 versions are posted here for download.

Currently the CD version remains the audiophile published version.

It would be kind of you to send a note to Bob via the QUERY FORM and mention you are downloading files, so he can be reminded that actual people (not just bots) are having their way with this website. Also use that form to report any problems with the files.

Otherwise enjoy listening here to what was historically the first ever midi music of all electronic, all original tunes produced using PC based MIDI software.


Little Help for My Friends

Dear LuLu, Here's a little present from me to you via Google. Since you couldn't do it, I decided to do it for you.


Tossin a bone to Amazon.

Other sources for the print version Impulse and Strength:

New York City Public Library, New York, NY
Albert Wisner Library, Warwick, NY
Chester Public Library, Chester, Orange County, NY
Henry Pfeiffer Library, Macmurray College, Jacksonville, IL


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